One of the things that Scott talked about during his comics theory class at MCAD was layout, and in particular how the shape of our comics are designed to embrace the media that we're presenting in.

   So as I'm doing a web comic I spent some time trying to figure out how to lay out my pages for a monitor. That's why all the comics in this section are laid out on "sideways" monitor shaped pages.

   As you can probably tell though I never got the hang of it - I ended up doing two side-by-side pages to fill the space, and never really got a handle on the concept.


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   But it was a good experiment, and I think it helped me eventually pay more attention to layouts than I had been.

   The final page of this comic was the moment when I felt like I was drawing what was really in my head. After this point, although I might continue to experiment with styles and my skill still varied a lot, I no longer worried whether I'd be able to render what was in my mind.

   Having reached this point, I finally set out to tell the story that was truly in my mind.


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