So, uhm, I guess the only real comments I have for this one is that I like the Excel Saga mangas a lot — both in English and in Japanese — and the anime is pretty good too, although in its own perverted way.

   Although I've never really thought of Rikdo Koshi as someone whose work I idolized, when I thought about what I wanted to do first this year the idea of doing an Excel homage just lept at me, so I guess he has become as much a role model for me as any of the other artists whose work I am a fan of.



   Although these pencils have a lot of energy, I've been having trouble getting the look and feel I want when inking this. Every time I start inking the first page I just can't get the same energy — it starts looking too controlled and tight — so I'll post the pencils for now as an example of what my drafts look like and, cause, like, I really like how it came out.


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