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Fifth page drawn
Sixth page drawn



Start time 3:30 pm 12 June 2002
Order Fifth page drawn
Time 3 hours, which is what I normally take to draw an UberCyberCats, so I guess I'm leveling out again.
Pencil 2 hours, which seems like a really long time.

Maybe it was all the extra background and stuff.

Scan / Letter 60 minutes, which is WAY too long - I just feel like I'm walking through mud or something.
Music "Amarok" Mike Oldfield, over and over and over.
Beverage Coffee - normal, Coca-Cola (classic) and another slime green Gatorade.
Snack A whole bag of Oreos. Scream.
Fear Level I am now resigned to my fate. Failure, here I come!

None - just the terrible knowledge that I've failed.

Comments Oh man - I crashed and crashed HARD.

After doing the previous page I think I stared at my drawing table for, like, two hours without drawing anything. Saw my wife off to work, fed the cats, and then crashed and crashed hard.

Later I woke up to a beeping noise and the cats messing with something and when I walked into the study I found this on IRC (as well as about seventeen pages of "hhhhhhhhhhhhhh" where my script used to be - ps; I am 'gwaith'):

@02:43PM <gwaith> 0000000000000000000000
@02:43PM <Xev> I guess I never counted the legs
@02:44PM <Xev> gwaith: are you going to be conscious for lunch tomorrow?
@02:44PM <skrymir> They are from the Arachnida class
@02:44PM <skrymir> The internet knows every thing
@02:44PM <Xev> Arachnida = Spider
@02:44PM <gwaith> ghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
@02:45PM <skrymir> Spider is a sub-class of Arachnida
@02:45PM <Xev> Hmm, what are the other sub-classes?
@02:45PM <zeus> heh
@02:45PM <skrymir> I wonder if that is a cat typing
@02:46PM <skrymir> Scorpions are in the Order Scorpiones, spiders are in the Order Araneae, ticks and mites are in the Order Acari.
@02:46PM <Xev> he he , cats type better than Ci
*** KITT has changed the topic on channel #knight-rider:
*** <Xev> he he , cats type better than Ci
@02:46PM <Xev> sweet
@02:46PM <skrymir> gh and b are paw sized
@02:47PM <skrymir> http://spiders.ucr.edu/daddylonglegs.html
@02:47PM <gwaith> something going beep. I guess I must have crashed. Ah - cats fighting on keyboard.
Being that I only have 9 hours left in the challenge I'm guessing that I am headed toward a failure. "Noble" or "Ignoble" I guess remains to be seen ...
Start time 8 pm 12 June 2002
Order Sixth page drawn (25% of the goal)
Time 2.5 hours
Pencil Again, just penciled it from beginning to end - this is getting a lot easier as the day progresses, and I'm finding myself erasing less and less. Now the final pencils are almost exactly what I want so I'm just using the "levels" option in PhotoShop to "ink".
Scan / Letter About a half hour - the "Hnnnn" sound effect was fun but it took awhile. I couldn't get the perspective right until I rendered the text - then it was a breeze.
Music "Tubular Bells III" Mike Oldfield, at least twice, and then I repeated tracts 7 and 8 infinitely until it became a mantra.
Beverage Cafe Vienna, Coca-Cola, and Irish Mist (Thanks Mathias!).
Snack A couple oreos which had somehow cleverly hidden themselves.
Fear Level I am prouder than ever of this - failure my ass! I'm ON TOP OF THE WORLD!

I've lit some candles, fired up some incense, and the fairies are back - dancing across the keyboard.

It's possible that the Irish Mist is attracting them ^_^

Comments Wow - I took a break, looked at what I've done in the last day, and I think I realized something.

I am now drawing how I wanted to draw when I started trying almost 2 years ago.

I know I will not make the 24 hour challenge, but I now know I will make the 24 pages. For me, that is now much more important.

I've realized that in order to actually draw 24 pages in 24 hours I would have to dramatically cut back on how much detail I'm putting into the pages, and I'm simply not interested in doing that.

When I'm done penciling a page, I find myself looking at it, and thinking about whether I like or don't like each part. Then I scan it in in two or three passes and enjoy putting it together in PhotoShop. Even lettering the pages and reformatting them for the web is HUGELY satisifying, and when I've got it done I print out the hires version and slide it and my original drawing into portfolios.

I may have "Failed" the 24 hour comic, but I am extremely pleased that I tried.

I have never, ever drawn as much or as well as I have in the last 20 hours, and even though I've only finished 25% of the original page goal I am totally psyched by the experience. This story is coming out exactly the way I'd hoped it would, so I'm going to keep pumping as long as I breath.

I may have started a 24 hour comic today, but now I feel like I will be working on my "24 hour comic" for the rest of my life, and enjoying every second.