UberCyberCats > Comics > 24 Hour Comic > 12 June 2002 > Pencils for pages 17 & 18
First page drawn
Second page drawn



Start time Midnight 12 June 2002
Order First page drawn
Time 2 Hours !!! EEEEK!
Pencil 60 minutes
Ink 30 minutes
Scan / Letter 30 minutes
Music "Priss Asagiri Vocal Collection" As Sekiria
Beverage Coffee
Snack None - too nervous
Comments This page was the clearest to me when I started putting together the story, so it seemed like the perfect place to start.

Unfortunately, I had a LOT of trouble with it - the pencils took forever, and I was using Sharpies for inking and they were WAY too fat for the lines I wanted to make.

Right now, two hours into it, I'm not sure if I will be able to make it.

I am scared.

Start time 2:00 am 12 June 2002
Order Second page drawn
Time 1 Hour! Woo!
Pencil 20 minutes
Ink 20 minutes
Scan / Letter 20 minutes
Music "FuriKuri soundtract #1" The Pillows

"Surfacing" Sara McLachlan

Beverage Coffee
Snack Red Barron breakfast burrito - ye GODS there is a LOT of grease in those suckers! I've never had one before and I'm pretty sure I will never need one again.
Comments Ok ... maybe I CAN do this.

I've got a stable page size now, and my PhotoShop templates are working, so I might be able to start turning out the pages faster ^_^

I switched to my Grumbacher Artist Pen for this page, and am significantly happier with the inking process. Unfortunately, the pen tip seems to be pickup up some of the waxy blue pencil, so I'm getting too many clogs .. grr ..

Still scared, but at least now I feel that it might be possible, if I can keep going.