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Seventh (last) page drawn


Start time 10:30 pm 12 June 2002
Order Seventh (last) page drawn
Time 1.5 hours, mainly because I lifted my pen (aka stopped typing) at midnight.
Pencil 1 hour. There's something about the last 24 hours that has totally revolutionized how I feel about my drawings, and I'm hardly erasing at all.

I feel like I can draw ANYTHING now!

Scan / Letter 30 minutes. My templates are really working well now, and I've finally figured out how to scan an 11x14" page using an 8x11" scanner ^_^
Music "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" soundtrack by Ennio Morricone - over and over and over. FEEEL the awesomeness of my awesome awesomeness!!
Beverage Just some Irish Mist.
Snack Not a thing - I'm totally in harmony now and food would just get in the way of my drawing ...

... although I may have eaten an eraser.

Fear Level No fear. Just happy.

I am now imaging all of the pages ahead of me dancing around me - waiting to be drawn.

Comments Wow it feels good to have "done it". I really thought the 24 hour comic would kill me or burn me out or something, but instead I just am TOTALLY pumped about cartooning.