My 24 Hour Comics:

The 24 Hour Comic was invented by Scott McCloud.

Here are my three 24 Hour Comics:

Adam Awakes

Adam Awakes [12 pg]

Done for the 2006 24 Hour Comic Day global challenge. I completed the first 12 pages during the challenge itself and am working to complete the story.

It's Private, Damnit!

It's Private, Damnit! [24 pg]

A 24-Hour Comic inspired by an assignment in Scott McCloud's 2004 Advanced Comics Theory and Practice Class at MCAD. This was my first successful 24-Hour Comic and, I'm proud to say, apparently the first 24-Hour Comic produced as homework for one of his seminars.

Full Metal Date

Full Metal Date [11 pg]

My first attempt at a 24 hour comic. Now that I look at it all these years later, it's not that bad.

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