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This is Ciaran Benson's online webcomic gallery, in particular "UberCyberCats" - the comic I started in 2001. Please choose a comic from the list below, or start at the beginning with Episode Naught.

After [long story here] I'm drawing again. Mostly ponies. Feels good. So far the thing I've been working on the most is trying to wrap my head around hand animation. Turns out to be harder than I ever imagined possible.

I knew it was hard but trying to do it myself?

So very educational.

So, look for more ponies in the future, I guess.

In the meantime, here's a bunch of comics. The column on the left is all UberCyberCats related, and the stuff on the right is the "Or What" column.

~ Ciaran, Spring 2016.

UberCyberCats comics
(newest on top)

Setup [16 pages]

   [Still in progress] Feb's "mother" rebuilds her ancient temple, but Feb doesn't like the lesson that's being taught and tries to get her mother to deal with her directly. [Warning: Includes some not safe for work bare breasts]

Intermission 7 [11 pages]

   Some examples of how I draw, including some sketches of Feb and April, and a fantasy about another story that I am working on. [Warning: Includes some most likely not safe for work playful nudity and touching]

Epilogue [9 pages]

   Feb finds herself trapped in a strange and alien world, filled with flowers and sparrow dragons, and meets her long-lost Lakhan "mother".

Intermission 6 [4 pages]

   Chaos and mayhem as I slowly realized I had less and less time for drawing ...

Initialization [15 pages]

   Feb finds herself hijacked to a strange and confrontational place and gets close and personal with Mintaka, another Lakhan.

   This is the story arc that I am most happy with, both in terms of where my art was as well as my story telling.

Intermission 5 [4 pages]

   A handful of one page comics showing some of the more sureal aspects of Feb and April's lives, and happy birthday to me.

Loading [8 pages]

   Feb, April, Mathias, and Skrymir journey again to Rikon - but this time the world was already there waiting, and we see the life it lives when the gamers aren't around.

   I wanted to return to Rikon in a very sincere and honest way, and to introduce some of my favorite Rikon-only characters like Wai'ho.

Intermission 4 [5 pages]

   A handful of one page comics showing some intimate household scenes, and Skrymir and Ricci get it on.

Full metal date [12 pages]

   With a long weekend ahead of them Feb convinces everyone to do some gaming, but it was April's idea. Plus, Feb gets a pony.

   This was really my first attempt to plot out a story arc ahead of time.

Intermission 3 [7 pages]

   A handful of one or two page comics, almost all about sex. All of them. How'd that happen?

Lunch date [19 pages]

   Everyone gets a new stupid project at work, then takes a break for lunch ...

   The first time we get to see the inside of the UberCyberCats company, and we meet most of the rest of the cast.

Intermission 2 [5 pages]

   A handful of short comics including an introduction to Vitara, a four armed alien who wants to blow up the Earth. Ha ha just serious.

A little tail [9 pages]

   April, Feb, Mathias, and Skrymir escape into some gaming ... and Feb is apparently into pain.

   My first, sadly unfinished, attempt to express life on Rikon from the gamer's point of view, but I got distracted with the sex games.

Intermission 1 [6 pages]

   Some one and two page comics providing some backstory to Feb and April's relationship.

Moving day [19 pages]

   In 2001 I wanted to learn how to draw, and figured a web comic would be a good way to do that. This is the result.

   The start of it all. Introduction to the main characters, and April and Feb decide they need a room mate to help pay for the apartment.

My other comics
(in no particular order)

Pencils for Seven Geeks [4 pages]

   Very preliminary pencils for a story I'm doing to help me get back my drawing mojo, based on Akira Kurosawa's masterpiece.

   My main focus in these pencils is to figure out the page and dialog layout, and to make sure that the layout flows from panel to panel and page to page.

Living It [5 pages]

   My comic autobiography, largely in response to Scott McCloud's "Making Comics"

   This is still in progress, and given the autobiographical nature of it, probably will be until I die.

Its Private, Damnit! It's private, damnit! [24 pages]

   A delightfully psychotic 24 hour comic that I did as a result of a complete misinterpretation of an assignment in Scott McCloud's advanced comics theory and practice class at MCAD

Its Private, Damnit! Excel Saga Homage [3 pages]

   A three page tribute to Excel Saga using my characters. Just pencils - no inks or anything fancy. If you're curious about how I draw, or would like to see what my drafts look like, this short comic is a fine place to start.

Its Private, Damnit! Man Versus Nature [2 pages]

   A two page minicomic I did as the final assignment in a comic class.

Its Private, Damnit! Full Metal Date (1) [11 pages]

   My first (failed) attempt at a 24 hour comic, and my first attempt to tell this story line, set entirely in Rikon.